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There are many different electronic devices we depend on in our lives today. Most of these devices require a continuous power supply to function. Unfortunately, the power supplied to homes and businesses is not constant and surges from time to time. This may prevent your devices from working efficiently. Power surges are short bursts of electricity, and the stronger they are, the more likely they are to cause damage to your electronic devices.

To protect your appliances from voltage spikes, surge protectors are installed in the electrical panel of your home. Surge protectors regulate the voltage levels. Their job is to absorb most of the power so it does not transfer to your appliances and ruin them. At Tuscany Electric Inc., we bring you a whole-home surge protector that can protect your home and electronic devices from damages that occur due to power surges.

The whole home surge protector is a piece of electrical equipment that is installed in the electrical panel. It provides your home with protection from surges that can come from the utility supply line or within the home (when large motors are started). The whole home surge protector shields all home electronics against stray voltage surges, permanently damaging them.

Any home can be protected along with your appliances from voltage surges with a surge protector installed besides their electrical panel. It requires no maintenance, and it usually has LED indicator lights signaling that it is working. When the indicator lights go out, that means the unit needs to be replaced as it cannot be fixed. This is why you need to make sure the LED lights are on. Once installed, the whole home surge protector does its job to protect your home electronics and saves you from having to replace computers, electronic boards, and any other electronic equipment. An alternative to this product would be to purchase strip power bars with surge protection plugged into a receptacle. That said, they do not afford the level of protection that a whole home surge protector provides. In fact, some studies show that strip power bars provide very little surge protection.

If you are looking for a residential electrical contractor, then reach out to us at (403) 540-9285 or email us at tuscanyelectric@gmail.com. We focus on smaller home projects and provide professional, courteous services at competitive prices. We are also WCB insured and hold liability insurance for your protection and the protection of our team. A typical whole-home surge protector costs about $450 to $550. Tuscany Electric Inc. will supply the whole home surge protector and the dedicated circuit breaker that fits your electrical panel. Besides this, we also provide services such as electrical panel upgrades, wiring upgrades, lighting solutions, and other electrical services. We serve clients across Calgary, Varsity, Silver Springs, Scenic Acres, Edgemont, Brentwood, Tuscany, Rocky Ridge, Royal Oak, Arbour Lake, Valley Ridge, Bowness, Charleswood, and the surrounding areas.

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