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Tuscany Electric Inc. is an electrical contractor providing professional and courteous electrical services in Edgemont, AB

Tuscany Electric Inc. provides Edgemont residents with high-quality electrical customer service. The range of services includes electrical repair, installation of new or retrofit light fixtures, slim line pot lights, smoke/CO detector installation, whole home surge protectors, timers and dimmers, panel replacement.

Electrical repairs for Edgemont residents

Do you have a switch or receptacle that isn't working or a circuit breaker that keeps tripping? If your switches spark when you turn them on or if your receptacle is loose call Tuscany Electric Inc. and we’ll take care of your electrical issue.

Smoke/CO replacement for Edgemont residents

Are your smoke/CO detectors expired? Has the colour of the detector gone from a bright white to a brown colour? That’s an indication that it’s time to replace it. Let Tuscany Electric Inc. replace them for you!

Lighting Solutions for Edgemont residents

Is the track lighting in your kitchen not providing you with enough light? Are you constantly replacing light bulbs? Let Tuscany Electric Inc. provide you with LED lighting solutions that will brighten your kitchen.

Whole home surge protectors for Edgemont residents

There’s a lot riding on your home’s electrical network. Computers, appliances, and electrical vehicles (EV) or the EV’s charging equipment are susceptible to electrical surges. Tuscany Electric Inc. will install a whole home surge protector at the electrical panel and provide you with peace of mind. Call Tuscany Electric Inc. today!

Panel replacement and service upgrades

Are you unable to add additional circuits to your existing panel? Do you need to increase your service’s amperage? Tuscany Electric Inc. will replace your electrical panel, pull the necessary permits and all the work will be inspected. Call Tuscany Electric Inc. and get professional and high-quality workmanship.

Residential Electrical Services:

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